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Who We are

EAPD focuses its efforts on transferring knowledge and experience in the fields that have comparative advantages, namely in Diplomacy, Judiciary, Energy, Agriculture, Education, Water irrigation, communication, and Security.


The Egyptian President, H.E. Mr. Abdel Fatah El Sisi, announced the establishment of the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development (EAPD) at the 23rd African Union Summit in June 2014 with the aim of supporting Africa’s development aspirations through the provision of capacity-building assistance; the transfer of knowledge, skills and expertise; and the promotion of creative industries. EAPD also supports and promotes the private sector’s trade and investment role in the overall economic development of the continent since creating a prosperous Africa remains a key objective for Egypt.

The EAPD was formally launched on the fist of July 2014 through the merger of the Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with Africa (EFTCA) and the Egyptian Fund for Technical Cooperation with the Commonwealth States (EFTCC).

Mechanisms of Cooperation

EAPD’s mechanisms of cooperation include the establishment of partnerships with domestic, regional and international development stake-holders in order to support the development priorities of partner countries in various fields.

EAPD also participates in the global knowledge and experience sharing events and liaises with national centres of excellence, economic and development institutions, universities and foundations.

Tools of Technical Cooperation

EAPD’s scope of activities is wide and diverse; it includes organising training courses and capacity building programmes, participating in Pan-African initiatives, dispatching medical convoys, and hosting various events: conferences, seminars and workshops, as wellas supporting food security initiatives.

EAPD recruits and mobilises highly qualified Egyptian experts, specialists and consultants to be dispatched, upon request, to partner countries.

Action Plan

To cater for its objectives, EAPD’s current strategy focuses on the establishment of partnerships with partner countries, international and regional organisations, the private sector and development partners concerned with investment, trade and development.

Currently, the Agency organises seminars, workshops and conferences in coordination with the competent authorities in partner countries. Similarly, in cooperation with key experts, EAPD delivers training programs which aims at enhancing the qualifications of members of Egyptian diplomatic missions to Africa, so as to enable them to identify investment opportunities and key local business leaders, and determine future trade and investment trends.

Areas of Cooperation

EAPD’s main areas of work include: 
•    Transportation;
•    Information and communication technology;
•    Health care;
•    Agriculture;
•    Police, crime prevention and counter terrorism;
•    Water management and irrigation;
•    Tourism;
•    Industrialisation, and industrial management;
•    Relief and emergency assistance;
•    Electricity and energy resources;
•    Security and defence;
•    Export marketing;
•    Environment;
•    Investment and trade promotion;
•    Diplomacy.