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Major Initiatives Launched during EAPD’s 1st year

The organization of the first African Business, Investment and Trade Forum

The EAPD initiated the idea of Egypt hosting an African Forum for the promotion of investment and trade opportunities in Africa, in coordination with the African Union Commission, the African Development Bank, and the COMESA Regional Investment Agency. The Egyptian President announced during the Tripartite Summit of the three African economic blocs in June 10, 2015 that the Forum will be held in early 2016 under his the auspices.

The Forum is being organized in cooperation with the national concerned authorities (such as the Ministries of Investment, Trade and International Cooperation); and will address five main areas: energy, infrastructure, medicine and health, small and medium-sized enterprises, and food industries.

All African countries and their development partners will be invited, and a number of African Heads of State and Government who have a keen interest in the role of the private sector in promoting investment and economic integration in Africa. 

Strengthening medical cooperation with Egyptian specialized centers of international excellence

Dr. Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation: the EAPD has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Foundation to annually provide five training opportunities lasting six months each, in the Aswan Heart Centre, as well as offer medical treatment free of charge to a number of Africans patients, send medical convoys under the leadership of Dr. Magdi Yacoub to conduct heart operations, train medical teams to perform heart surgery, and use modern equipment for heart disease offered as a grant by the EAPD.

Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim's Urology and Nephrology Center of Mansoura: The Centre has hosted a training program for African doctors in kidney and urinary tract surgery in June 2015 (under the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the EAPD and the center), in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank. An agreement has been reached to organize four training programs annually for African cadres, with the possibility of sending specialists and technicians from the Center to conduct training courses in a number of African priority countries for Egypt.

The Children's Cancer Hospital 57357: the EAPD cooperates with the hospital, one of the largest children's hospitals in the world, through an ambitious program for training 600 African medical cadres in all areas, providing technical expertise to a number of hospitals in Africa, as well as offering free treatment to a number of children with cancer in African countries.

Launching an initiative to establish an information mechanism to combat Ebola and other epidemics

The EAPD has launched an initiative to create an information mechanism to combat Ebola and other epidemics in Africa, to bridge the information gap and help concerned parties to take necessary prevention and treatment measures. The aim is to establish a center for the communication and exchange of information and solutions in order to deal quickly and effectively with health emergencies in the continent. The initiative has been announced by the Egyptian President during the AU Summit in January 2015, and has been put presented by the Minister of Health before the Executive Board of the World Health Organization during the same month.

The EAPD had previously organized a workshop on the initiative in Cairo on December 15th - 16th 2014, in cooperation with the Ministries of Health and Communications, Microsoft, and the World Health Organization.

Strengthening cooperation with Egyptian and international institutions:

The EAPD has cooperated with the Social Fund for Development to share its experience with the largest possible number of African countries, and to explore ways of cooperating between the Fund and the corresponding bodies in African countries.

The Agency works on identifying new areas of cooperation with a number of specialized Egyptian training centers with a large absorptive capacity; such as the Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute affiliated to the Ministry of Scientific Research, and the training department of the Ministry of Military Production. This opens up broad areas of cooperation to strengthen Egypt's role in Africa.

The EAPD has been keen to enhance contacts with leading Egyptian companies working in Africa, mainly the Arab Contractors, El-Nasr Export & Import Co, Qalaa Holdings, as well as NU-MED (a group of Egypt's largest pharmaceutical companies), to help them promote their activities and investments in Africa.

The Agency has also explored opportunities for cooperation in the fields of training and capacity building with two of the largest international companies in the field of information and communication technology; mainly Microsoft and IBM. The EAPD was able to establish a productive partnership with Microsoft to use information technology to combat Ebola in Africa.

Hosting senior officials and media personalities from Africa

To present to African countries the reality of the situation in Egypt, far from any misinformation, the EAPD has arranged in February 2015 a visit to Egypt for a delegation comprising the editors of the 15 most important newspapers in the countries of the Nile Basin and SADC. 

The Agency has also arranged a visit for the editors of the most important African newspapers in Central and Western Africa, Djibouti and South Africa in August 2015. 

The two delegations had the honor to meet with the Egyptian President and the Foreign Minister. Moreover, the EAPD organized a number of meetings with the Egyptian media and senior Egyptian officials.

The Agency shared the expenses of hosting senior African officials in a bilateral framework as well as the participants in a number of international conferences and seminars held in Cairo, including, for example, hosting the Ethiopian popular delegation, which comprised 60 people, in December 2014.

Establishing an Alumni Association

To maximize the benefits of the training courses it organizes, and to ensure a continued presence of Egypt in Africa, the EAPD established, in collaboration with Egyptian missions/embassies abroad, an Alumni Association open to those who benefited from trainings provided through the EAPD. The aim is to ensure continuous communication between the Agency and the trainees, respond to their queries, discuss issues of common interest.

Opening new horizons for cooperation in the field of security training

The EAPD's first year has witnessed tremendous progress in the field of security training through increased cooperation with the Egyptian Military Academy and the Egyptian Police Academy, in organizing specialized training courses, in light of the increasing demand from African countries to benefit from their experiences in the areas of fighting terrorism, protecting VIPs, and securing elections.