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Secretary General Welcome Note

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It is an honour to greet you as you are about to venture into the virtual realm of the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development (EAPD).  Welcome! Or as we say in Egypt: “Ahlan wa Sahlan”.

As the first Secretary General of the newly created EAPD, I feel privileged to spearhead the first development institution in Egypt. One that aims at putting Egypt’s many comparative advantages into play for the benefit of the South and particularly of African countries, and at harnessing the immense potential they have.

The Agency was established in July 2014 as the merger of two Egyptian Funds for Technical Cooperation, one with Africa and the other with the Commonwealth States; and its work builds on their accomplishments. Yet the Agency’s capabilities, resources and ambitions are far greater than the sum of its parts.

Although we are still considerably engaged in the traditional and impactful operational activities of technical cooperation (such as the provision of capacity building programmes, training sessions and humanitarian interventions), the scope of our work and outreach has significantly widened. We are now striving to strengthen South-South and Triangular Cooperation and are constantly seeking innovative ways to partner with local, regional and international institutions, both public and private, to more effectively support the efforts of African countries in achieving sustainable development.

Just to give you a flavour: we are humbled to now count among our partners the Magdy Yacoub Aswan Heart Center, the Mohamed Ghoneim Urology & Nephrology Mansoura Center and the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357. These are not just Egyptian centers of excellence that are providing outstanding training courses to African doctors and surgeons but are also beacons of hope and generosity that are eager to transfer precious knowledge and expertise to our African brothers and sisters.

The Agency’s activities focus on the key enablers of sustainable development: education, health and women; because development is not just about boosting economic growth, but it is foremost about providing people with the tools needed to create opportunities for themselves. And of course because development cannot be achieved or sustained without the full involvement of women.  

Behind the efforts, successes and future goals of the EAPD lies a team of highly competent individuals with unique expertise, values and dedication. I am lucky to be part of it.        

This is not our website, but yours. Please explore it, and share with us your opinion about what we do now, and what we could do differently and better in the future.
The Africa we live in is a vibrant mosaic of cultures, languages and traditions. Yet, as Africans, we are bound by a common aspiration: a better today and a more prosperous future. At the EAPD, we are proud to support African countries in realising this noble objective. We know that many challenges remain. But we aim at making a difference, however small, in the lives of African citizens, because we believe in the African saying “if you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today”.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Dr. Hazem Fahmy