Who We Are

The Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development (EAPD) was established in July 2014 by the Egyptian President as the first South-South Cooperation institution in Egypt aiming at putting the country’s comparative advantages and technical expertise into play for the benefit of the South, and in particular of Africa and of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The creation of the EAPD and the strong political backing it enjoys, reflect Egypt’s resolve to partner with Africa at a time when the continent is undergoing major positive developments.

The Agency was born as the merger of two Egyptian Funds for Technical Cooperation, one with Africa and the other with the Commonwealth of Independent States, and its work builds on their accomplishments.

True to the essence and principles of South-South Cooperation, the Agency adopts a demand-driven approach by responding to the priority needs of the countries of the South, especially of Africa. Their priorities are ours.

Africa is in our hearts and minds everyday at the Agency. Our hope is that the technical cooperation activities we provide, and the partnerships we build, contribute to the continent’s efforts to achieve sustainable development, and help unleash the enormous potential of Africans.

Although we continue to engage in the traditional operational activities for development they led for years, the scope of our work has widened as we strive to find innovative ways to strength South-South and Triangular Cooperation, and to forge partnerships with national, regional and international stakeholders to provide African solutions with a global perspective. Because, as the African proverb goes: “a single tree cannot make a forest”!