New Age Newspaper - EGYPT AND AFRICA

Some people believe that Egypt has only been interested in Africa because of the recent issues associated with Ethiopia’s “Renaissance Dam”. However, it is hard to believe that the country’s foreign policy which is dedicated since 2013 to enhance its African ties, is based on a single motive that has recently popped up. It is similarly hard to look at the past six- years of active interaction between the Egyptian leadership and the African leaders as part of Cairo’s negotiations with the Ethiopian dam.

From his very first day in authority, the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sis, realized the significantly important African roots of his country both economically and politically. President Sisi has certainly relied upon the strong ties and the valuable credibility developed between the two sides during the Fifties and the Sixties of the past century. It was thus more of the nature of things that Sisi started his first trip as president of Egypt to Equatorial Guinea where the 23rd summit of the African League was held in 2014. At the time, Africa has just ushered in the move de-freezing Egypt’s membership at the League and thus the summit was the beginning of a real and active come back of Egypt to its African neighbors. 

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