Health Sector

Forging strong partnerships in the health sector

EAPD has sought to capitalize on Egypt’s wealth of experience in the medical sector by engaging with national centers of excellence that are of international standing in various medical specializations. As the benefits of south-south cooperation in the field of health became apparent, partnerships were forged with the relevant parties to help save lives in Africa.

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We are honored to be partnering with:

The Magdy Yacoub Heart Foundation (MYF):

Through its Aswan Center it offers state of the art free basic health services at the highest international standards to develop African expertise in the cardiovascular field. Supported by EAPD, MYF also organized the International Conference on Rheumatic Heart Disease (Cairo, January 2017), attended by 100 African cardiologists. Most recently, in July 2017, the EAPD joined hands with the MYF to organize and sponsor a visit to Ethiopia by a medical team of 27 surgeons, doctors and nurses from the Foundation. Headed by Sir Yacoub himself, they performed, for free, 45 delicate heart operations on a number of underprivileged Ethiopian citizens at the Black Lion hospital. This is the fourth visit of its kind since the EAPD-MYF partnership was launched. In 2016, through this partnership, an Egyptian wing at the Cardiac Center of the Ethiopian hospital was established and equipped with an advanced cardiac catheter and other medical devices.

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The Mohamed Ghoneim Urology & Nephrology Mansoura Center:

EAPD is proud of its ongoing partnership with the Center to train African doctors. So far 11 hemodialysis and urological surgery courses have been held to train 300 African doctors. The overall aim is to equip them with the necessary knowledge to overcome renal diseases in Africa. 

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The Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357:

It is the only specialized children’s cancer hospital in the Middle East and Africa and the largest of its kind in the world. EAPD supports the Hospital in implementing an ambitious training program for 600 African medical practitioners and in providing African hospitals with technical expertise and free treatment.


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Delivering a Mobile Clinic to Kenya

The Agency, on behalf of the Egyptian government, has delivered a fully equipped mobile clinic to the government of Kenya in support of the “Beyond Zero Campaign” launched by the First Lady of Kenya. The aim is to help decrease child mortality rates in the country and deploy medical services in various remote areas of Kenya.


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